Mittwoch, 30. März 2016

More sugar cubes - WIP

Hey guys, I'm back again. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the mood to upload many new posts. I got a strong and long lasting cold at the end of the last month and my dog died about two weeks ago. I'm sure you will understand that.
The problems with my dog have started two years ago and during this time I was pretty worried and
stressed. I almost lost all my motivation to create something new.
But I'm really optimistic that I feel like to make some new stuff soon. I'm still interested in clay stuff, jewelry making, needle felting and so on. I'm sure my motivation will come back, when I start some new projects.
I'll clean up my working room and then I'll continue working at my sugar cubes and I also need to make goodies for upcoming giveaways and for the shop opening.

Because I was really in love with the sugar cube jewelry set which I've made in January, I've made a lot more of them. This time I've also made colored sugar cubes (red, blue, light pink, purple and again white) and other sugar animals (beside the bears I've also made bunnies and dogs). Also I added small hearts to the cubes, to make them more cute. I hope, you'll like them.
EVE - Wall-E