Montag, 22. Februar 2016

Modena Resin Clay - Clay Review

Hey guys, in this post I'll show you the resin clay "Modena" from the Japanese company "Padico".

General information's:
Modena is a air dry resin clay, which is really soft and stretchy. The consistency is similar to cold porcelain and it also needs about 2-3 days to dry (it depends on the thickness of your pieces).
After the drying process, the clay is translucent, still a bit flexible and hard to break. The surface has a matt shine and it's non-yellowing. Modena is also durable enough to resist water.
Dry clay pieces can be modified with paints (acrylic paints), glue and/or varnish.

Modena is available in two sizes - 250g and 60g. The bigger package is only obtainable in the color white, but you can get the smaller ones in a wide range color selection - black,
blue, brown, green, red, white, yellow and yellow ochre.
It's suitable for fake flowers, fake sweets and other great decoration pieces.

Montag, 15. Februar 2016

Planner Dashboards

Hey, yesterday I've started to customize my planner. I've decorated and planed my first week and made some cute clear dashboards.
It's too bad that the planner is so small, so I can't add a lot of sticky notes to my dashboard. But I solved the problem by making a second one. ^^
I've also made two small sheets to add some "To do" notes for my actual week. Because the pages are pretty small, I thought, that the "To do" sheets are a good idea.

I think, the dashboards look cute, but maybe they would look better with non transparent black lines. It's hard to see the lines inside my planner, because of the transparency. I need to find a solution, because I'm not happy with that. Maybe I'll add a white background, but then they aren't clear... man, I don't know what I should do! o(≧o≦)o

Freitag, 12. Februar 2016

My own custom planner

Hey guys, today I want to show you some stuff I've bought for my new planner. I thought, that a planner is a good idea to bring some daily routine and structures in my life, because my days are really chaotic and I often forget things which I wanted to do during the week.

I've seen lot of people on Youtube and Instagram who make their own custom planners. They decorate the pages with nice deco tapes (washi tapes), sticky notes, stickers, pens, cute charms and more. Their planners look so great and the decorating looks like a lot of fun. ^^

Because I'm not really into paper crafts (I'm just untalented...), I just bought me a cheap planner from a Chinese shop at Ebay. So I can give it a try and I'll see, if it will work for me or not. If I have fun with it for a long time, then I maybe want to buy a Kikki K or a Filofax or whatever. But for the start I'm too stingy... (^..^)

Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

Chocolate panda marshmallow necklace

Heyho guys, I've made something new - a chocolatey panda marshmallow necklace. Isn't it cute!? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Definitely I'll make more of them for my upcoming shop. :)

Next week I'll start designing my business cards, packagings, label charms and so on, because my shop is finished now... well, at least the important things. ^^
There are some things which I want to change or add, but these are just things which affect the look. Because it needs some more time until the shop opening, I can do these things now.
EVE - Wall-E