Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015

Happy New Year

I wish you a happy new year! :)
I hope, you'll have a nice and eventfully new year.

I planned a lot of new stuff for the upcoming year and I hope, you guys will still read my blog. Thanks to all of you for reading my blog and for all those nice comments which some of you have sent me.

We see us in the next year.

Ich wünsche Euch allen einen guten Rutsch und ein frohes neues Jahr! :)
Ich hoffe, dass das neue Jahr toll und ereignisreich für Euch wird.

Ich habe für das kommende Jahr viele neue Sachen geplant und ich hoffe, dass Ihr natürlich auch weiterhin meinen Blog verfolgt und lest. Ich danke Euch allen für's lesen meines Blogs und für all die lieben Kommentare, die mir manche von Euch hinterlassen haben.

Wir sehen uns im neuen Jahr.

Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

What is decoden?

Decoden care bear phone case

What is decoden? 
This is a question which I read often, so I'll try to explain what decoden is.

Decoden is a crafting trend from Japan. It's short for "Decoration Denwa". "Denwa" is the Japanese word for "phone". But decoden isn't just about phones, it also could be decorated fingernails, portable gaming systems, mirrors, headphones and so on.
I guess, meanwhile it's just a term for the personalization and individualization of different items with many different materials.

Probably the most popular decoden projects are "Sweets Deco", but items decorated with colorful rhinestones are very popular too.

Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2015

Merry Christmas

I wish you a merry Christmas! :)
I hope you'll have some nice days with your friends and relatives.

Ich wünsche Euch allen ein frohes Weihnachtsfest! :)
Ich hoffe, Ihr habt ein paar schöne Tage mit Euren Familien und Freunden.

Freitag, 18. Dezember 2015

Padico Decoration Sauce - Review

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Today I'll show you these fake sauce pens from the company "Padico". :)

General information's:
These small bottles/pens are filled with deco sauces and they're from the Japanese company "Padico". They come in 10cc (10ml) tubes.
With these creamy sauces you can add a realistic effect to your fake sweets creations.

After the clay has dried, you can add the stringy liquid sauce on top of it. Because of the squeezable tubes, it's easy to apply.
The sauce dries by air contact. Depending on the applied thickness it will take just some hours to dry.

Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2015

Café Latte Art Jewelry Sets And Dust Plugs

Hey guys, from today on I'll show you all the finished café latte art sets (necklace+earrings), which I've made recently.

I'm super happy with all those sets. I think, they look pretty cute and it has been so much fun, to make them. ^^
By the way, the charms are coffee-scented.

On the upper pictures you can see the first two sets. I'll show you the others the next days. :)
Suitable to every set, I've made cute dust plugs. I hope, you'll like my café latte charms.

Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2015

Toast Brooch, Hot Chocolate And Tea Earrings

Hey guys, today I want to show you those older works.

I always wanted to make a fake toast with jam. And on the lower left picture , you can see the result. It's pretty bad, I know. xD
I like the melted "ice bear", but the bread and the pieces in the jam, look so weird.
But I'm working on more realistic looking bread textures and color shades.
I will give it another try later. ^^
EVE - Wall-E