Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015

Simpel Caramel Toffee Rings

Hey people, today I'll show you two new rings again. I've made these caramel toffee rings a long time ago, but I've stored them in a drawer, because originally I wanted to decorate them later. But I forgot them and found them again a couple of days ago. 
Meanwhile I think, they are pretty nice without any decoration. They're just simple and cute. I like them!

I also wanted to keep you up to date about my fragrant oil experiments.
My whole workroom (also other rooms in the house too) now smell like a mixture of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. xD
The bad thing is, that I don't smell a lot of the scented charms anymore, because everything smells because of these oils. But my husband said, that they smell strong enough, so my attempts were successful, I guess. (✿◠‿◠)
 But now I got the next problem: What kind of scented charms could I make? I have to many ideas, but I don't know where to begin... (¬_¬)

I think about a new give away, here on my blog. Do you guys have any special wishes or suggestions for a give away? It would be great if you let me know what you would like to win. You can write me a comment down below. :)

Sonntag, 21. Juni 2015

Scented Strawberry Necklace And Macaron Bracelet

Hey, these two pieces I've made exceptionally for myself.

I've made the macaron charm long time ago. It was one of my first clay pieces which I've ever made, I guess.  I don't wanted to sell this charm, because it was one of first creations, so I've made a bracelet for myself out of it.
I think, it's super cute and simple, so I want to make more of them. If I remember correctly, I've also made a mold out of the macaron shell then. This will save a lot of work for me. ^^

Fimo Air Light - Clay Review

Fimo Air Light is one of my favorite clays to make fake sweets. In this post I'll give you some general information's about this product, and I will share my opinion and experiences with you.

General information's:
Fimo Air Light from the German company "Staedtler" (formerly famous under the name "Efaplast", from the company Eberhard-Faber), is a really lightweight and soft modelling clay that can be air-dried. It can also be dried in a microwave oven within some minutes. After drying, the clay can be modified with paints, glue or varnish. For painting, acrylic paints, water-based paints or school paints, are suitable.
Because the clay is so lightweight, it's perfect to make jewelry, figurines, masks, door signs or home decorations.

Cute Decorated Donut Rings

Hello, beside the Crème brûlée note holder which I've showed you in my last post, I've also made these two cute decorated donut rings. Originally I've made three of these donuts, but the third one is still waiting for a further project. But I'm still not sure, what I should make out of it. Maybe I should use it for a decoden pocket mirror or something like this.

Do you like these two rings? I think, they are pretty cute and I really like them. ^^

Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

How To Store Air Dry Clays

As the name suggest, air dry clays are just dries in the contact with air. Opened packages of air dry clay can dry out really fast, so it's important to store them airtight as good as possible. In this post I'll show you, how to store unused clays and what you will need for that.

Things you'll need:
-plastic wrap
-airtight zipper bags
-airtight containers
-water (if you want)
-elastic bands (if you need)

How to store:
Many air dry clays come in special foil packaging, which prevents a drying of the modelling masses. You should leave the clay in this package, but after opening, you should also additional wrap the package into plastic wrap. Because the plastic foil maybe falls off, you should fix it with a elastic band.
Leftover remnants of colored clay, you should also wrap really tight into plastic foil. If you want, you can fix the foil with a elastic band too.

You should put your well wrapped clay in a airtight zipper bag. Before you close the bag, you can spray some water in, also you should press out the air while closing.
I store my clay bags in airtight plastic containers. additional, you can also add some water into the container too.
The container with the clay should be stored at room temperature, but save it from heat! (no radiator or direct sunlight!)

Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

Crème Brûlée Note Holder

Hey guys, I'm super happy to show you my new note holder! What do you think about it? (◕ ‿ ◕)

I like it to make projects like this, but the problem is, that such things need a lot of materials, so I don't make note holders very often. But because I want to use up my opened packages of air dry clays fast (because meanwhile they have become a bit dry and hard), I'll made a new one.

Some time ago, I've bought some cute small baking dishes to make new card holders. I pondered about, with what I could fill them - with fake pudding or fake cake? Then I remembered, that a lot of people use those baking dishes for Crème brûlée. So yeah, I decided to make a decorated dish of Crème brûlée.
I've needed two attempts to make a realistic looking burnt cream. The first try become too dark and the colors looked pretty unrealistic. My new Crème brûlée attempt is maybe not 100% realistic too, but it looks much better.
I decorated the dish with a dog shaped ice cream scoop and other random things like fruits and sweets.

EVE - Wall-E