Samstag, 28. Februar 2015

My First Fake Eclairs

Hey guys, some weeks ago I've ordered two molds from the Japanese brand Kutsuwa. Normally I don't use molds from shops/brands (I prefer to make my own), but I found these molds really pretty and practical. Especially the Donut molds and the Eclair ones, are really great.
Now I've made some eclairs, strawberries and donuts with it, and some of the pieces I will give away at my shop opening.
Some days ago I've also made a tutorial in which I'll show you, how to make good looking eclairs and strawberries with the Kutsuwa mold. I just need to upload it here. :)

My animal eclairs are improvable, I guess. I'm not completely satisfied with the results, but I'll make it better next time.
Now I just need to glaze my pieces and then I can make charms out of them. But I don't know, what I should make out of the charms - bag charms, mobile phone straps? Hmmmm... (︶︹)

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

Elastic Bracelet With A Glazed Rabbit Cookie

Hiho, this is the second elastic bracelet, which I've made. Unfortunately the cookie don't look as good in real as on the pictures. You can't see it on the pics, but the surface has a really weird texture. It's because I have added a light transparent paper with cherry pattern on the top of the glaze. I'm not sure, why this could become so odd, but maybe it's because of the glue? I've hoped that this texture will disappear after I've varnished the piece, but it does not.
I don't know. I'll test this again later and hope that it'll look better then.
But only see the texture if I hold the piece right infront of my face. From some distance, it looks ok. ^^

Some days ago I've ordered a graphic tablet for me. My shop is almost finished, so I need to design some business cards, gift vouchers, some packages and so on with it.
I hope, I learn fast to work with the tablet and my designs will look good. I'm not the best illustrator, but maybe I'll learn quickly. ^^

Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Elastic Bracelet With A Glazed Duck Cookie

Hello, on the pictures you can see one of my new bracelets. The other one I'll show you the next days.

My older bracelets are often made with a lot of eyepins, which attached to each other. This time I used elastic wire and a lot of pearls. This is only my second bracelet which is made with elastic thread. I should use it more often, because pearl bracelets look just beautiful and feminine.

I think, the cookie looks good for a first attempt. Just the brown part looks a bit weird. It should look like wings... but it's just weird. I had some problems to squeeze the brown mass on the cookie, because it was too thick and the hole in my piping bag too big. Next time it'll work better, I hope. ◕ ◡ ◕

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

(Needle Felt) Tutorial 13 - Snowman

Hey, I finally upload the tutorial about my needle felted snowman. I hope, you'll enjoy. :)
Hey, ich habe endlich das Tutorial zu meinen Nadelfilz-Schneemännern, hochgeladen. Ich hoffe, es gefällt euch. :)

Bear Muffin Necklace

Hey guys, yesterday I've finished the bear muffin, which I showed you last time. I have made a necklace out of it and I really like the final result.
The face I've painted with liquid clay, but unfortunately, the clay was a bit too thin, so the eyes run a bit down. But I think, it still looks cute.

The next days I'll show you two new bracelets. Unfortunately I don't got more to show you, because I worked at my shop since the last time. (I think, I can finish the shop this month. I am confident. ^^)

Do you know that too? You have made something and at first you were totally happy with it, but some time later you don't like it anymore? It's everytime the same with me! As I was younger, I wrote stories and at first I was happy with the texts, but after a while I found it so bad, so that I reworked everything... again, and again, and again. Now it's the same with my shop and my handmade crafts. The last days I've made a new design for my shop, because the old one was really bad and boring.
I constantly find things that I could do better, and then I have the urge to change everything. That is good, because it's important to improve and learn new things, but it's not good if I want to change my shop design each week. Sometimes it's just annoying for me, that I can't just leave things as they are. ^^
Now I think about, if I should make a new label for my pictures and stuff...arg... (≧ω≦)

See you later.

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