Samstag, 17. Januar 2015

Work In Progress - Cruller Donuts, Muffins And Cookies

I currently working on these few things - two big cruller donuts, a bear muffin and two glazed cookies in animal shape. I need to wait until I can continue working on these charms, because they need some more time to dry .

Yesterday I've realised that my cruller donuts don't look like cruller donuts. My clay donuts have a really different shape compared to the real ones. It's a while ago since I've seen pictures on the internet of them, and I rarely use pictures while modelling, but I was pretty sure that the real cruller donuts look similar to mine. I guess I have been wrong with that, but I really like them anyway. ^^

Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015

Tutorial - Cute shell necklace

Better too late as never. Actually I wanted to upload this tutorial last year, but I was just too lazy. Sorry! But with a little delay here is now the tutorial about these cute shell necklaces. I hope you'll enjoy.

Dienstag, 13. Januar 2015

My Next Big Project - A Decoden Guitar

Hey people, I hope you all had a good start into the new year.

My husband plays the guitar for many years and he want that I learn how to play this instrument too, so we can jam together. He ordered a guitar for me and some time ago I've got it.
Because it's just a cheap (but it's a really good guitar for this price) copy of the probably best-selling guitar in the world, I've planned to decorate it, so that it shall become unique.

At first I wanted to make the black part white and the pickguard (the white plate) light pink with white dots. But I've changed my opinion and I think, that I let the pickguard white, but I want to buy it in "mother of pearl white", so that it looks pretty shiny and glittery. But I'm not sure, if I should paint the black part in light pink or in mint green. What do you think? I tend to mint green, but I'm not really sure. I think not many people got it in mint green. I also have concrete ideas for the mint green variant.

Stupid is, that on the left side is a reduction, so I don't know, how I should decorate it. The reduction doesn't make it easy for me. I hope that the result will nevertheless look good, but if it is necessary (because it don't looks good) I need to remove the whole things.
EVE - Wall-E