Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

Give Away On Facebook And My Halloween Stuff

Hey ho! Some days ago I started the give away on my facebook site. Click!
The text is unfortunately in german because I have more german 'fans' on facebook. But I'll make the next giveaways in english language. :)

In the pictures you can see the halloween stuff, which I've made the last days.
I have made an apple pie with an creepy grimace, also an cookie with orange filling and a lot of halloween decorations on it, and a small, nice decorated chocolate candy in a silver foil cup. I've also made an new halloween note holder. I hope, you'll like the new stuff. :3

Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

Some Resin Stuff

Hey guys, I'm back with some new stuff! :)
This month I've bought me new resin, because my other resin didn't work really well. Often it didn't dry completely, it's sticky or it's flexible. The new resin works great and it looks just nice at the end. I love it!
Meanwhile I really like resin. It's great, that you can make a large amount of new charms fast and easily. Resin is great for people which have shops and need to make a lot of new stuff, in a short time. :)
EVE - Wall-E