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Oyumaru Review + How To Use

Oyumaru is a cheap silicone non-stick moulding material from Japan, which is re-usable. This molding material is perfect, if you want to make lots of molds, but only need to use each a single time.

Oyumaru feels hard, a bit like rubbery plastic and you can soften it with a mug of hot water. It does not stick to Polymer Clay, Art Clay, Epoxy Putty and alot of other sculpting masses.

Oyumaru is hard to get in Europe or America. You can buy it at eBay, in Daiso Shops, at Etsy and other (online) shops.
You can get Oyumaru in many different colors and amounts.

- good for big or flat items and as texture sheets
- it's cheap
- it's easy to use (but it hardens really fast)
- it's re-usable
- it's great for Air Dry Clay's
- quickly usable

- thick molds are not as flexible
- not well suited for deep molds
- it easily break while using it
- hardens really fast (you need to work quick)

How to use:
  • Put a piece of the oyumaru in hot water (approx: 80 °C) for about 3 to 5 minutes. Take the Oyumaru out of the water and wipe it dry.
  • While the Oyumaru is still soft, press the material you wish to mold into the Oyumaru. If the Oyumaru gets hard while you are working with it, place it back in the water and begin the process again.
  • Let the Oyumaru cool down, then remove the object and your mold is ready to use. 
  • If you didn't need the mold anymore, you can soften the putty again and you can use it for a new mold. You can also combine several pieces or sticks, to make larger moulds.

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