Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

Oyumaru Review + How To Use

Oyumaru is a cheap silicone non-stick moulding material from Japan, which is re-usable. This molding material is perfect, if you want to make lots of molds, but only need to use each a single time.

Oyumaru feels hard, a bit like rubbery plastic and you can soften it with a mug of hot water. It does not stick to Polymer Clay, Art Clay, Epoxy Putty and alot of other sculpting masses.

Oyumaru is hard to get in Europe or America. You can buy it at eBay, in Daiso Shops, at Etsy and other (online) shops.
You can get Oyumaru in many different colors and amounts.

Montag, 21. Juli 2014

No Internet

This koala necklace and birthday card was a gift for a dear friend

Hey my dears, unfortunately I didn't had internet the last month, so I couldn't post new entries.
The last weeks I wasn't really active. I just made some new necklaces and decoration stuff (mainly fruits) for upcoming cakes and other projects.
What do you think about my raspberries? I've made some in the past, but they were really ugly. My new ones look better I think, but they don't look perfect for me. :/
I really like the new felted necklaces, especially the panda and the poodle (yes, it should look like a poodle with purple hair. It don't look like a dog, but it's still cute... ^^), but somehow I don't like the sheep. I've made some before, which I like, but this one is bigger and because that, the eyes didn't have the right size. I think, I need to buy some middle sized eyes. I just have really small and really big eyes, but none in a middle size. :/
EVE - Wall-E