Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

I'm On Instagram Now! :D

Hello! :D
Some days ago I felted these cute sheeps which look like small, fluffy balls. I really, really like them and they are easy to make, but it took a little, to make the "wool". ^ ^
Out of the sheeps, I've made hair ties and I also want to make similar necklaces.

In the next time, I'll make a realistic looking sheep for my brother-in-law. I hope it will look nice. ^ ^

It's been a while, since I've made the cold porcelain for the first time. Meanwhile I've made a bunch of new porcelain, but everytime, I've failed with it. Either the mass become to hot in the microwave, or I had a lot of lumps in it. One of the overcooked portions I tried to save with a bit of vinegar and the mass is really smooth and great now, but all my modeled pieces get big cracks during drying. It's sooo annoying! :(
Today I've made a another try, but I'm not sure if it's okay now. Maybe I cooked it too short this time. I'll see it tomorrow. :/

Montag, 19. Mai 2014

(Needle Felt) Tutorial 11 - Susuwatari bracelet

Heyho everyone! ^..^
I've made a new tutorial in which I show you, how to make your own Susuwatari/soot sprites bracelet out of wool felt. I hope, you'll like it and it's helpful for you. :)
Heyho zusammen! ^..^
Ich habe ein neues Tutorial gemacht, in welchem ich euch zeige, wir ihr euer eigenes Susuwatari/Rußmännchen Armband aus Filzwolle machen könnt. Ich hoffe, ihr mögt es und es ist hilfreich für euch. :)

Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

Lots Of New Stuff!

Hiho! Some days ago I hiked up a small hill with my husband and dog, because the weather was just great. It was pretty tiring, but it was also fun. ^ ^ 
On the way back, I found an old box in the bushes, which I found so beautiful that I had to take it home. Now I planned to sand it a bit with sandpaper and then I want to paint it with white color. Maybe I try to make decoupage on it. I never made it before, so I'm unsure if I should do it... I'll see.

The last days I've made a lot of new stuff - rings, hairclips, bag charms and mobile phone accessoires. The bag charm with the waffle and the ice cream, is definitely my favorite, but the other stuff become good too. I really like the ice cream charms. :D
I think, I'll make the tarts more often in the future. They are easy to make and look just great. :)

Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Clay Tarts And My First Feltet Bracelet

Heyho! Yesterday I grabbed my clay and made some new stuff - donuts, ice cream, a waffle and tarts. I have a lot of canes, which I don't use really much, so I thought to myself, that I should make some tarts, to use them. On the left in the picture you can see my first two finished tarts. I really like them, but I don't know, for what I should use them. Maybe for some hairclips and rings? I'm not sure yet...

I need to use up my clay before it dries, so I need to make some more cakes, ice cream and others. Oh yeah, it just reminds me that I really wanted to make ladyfingers and eclair. Maybe I'll make some more donuts too.

I also had made my first needle felted bracelet and I worked with elastic thread for the first time, but I'm not sure if it will hold. I'm apparently too stupid to make firm knots! I'll see, that I find a good solution, maybe there is a good tutorial somewhere for it. ^ ^
Meanwhile I'm better in needle felting, I guess. Now I know, how long I need to felt and now it's easier for me, to make equal parts. But though I need practice and I need to learn a lot. I know that needle felting is very complicated, but I really need a extremely long time until I've finished something.
My white felt is almost empty, so I need to buy some new in the next time. It's hard to believe how much material I consumed. At first I thought that I get along with the wool for a long time. ^ ^

Phone Cases And Other Stuff Made From Felt

 Hey together, the last days I've felted some new things. I've covered two phone cases with a layer of felt. Before this, I've felted appliques on the felt. 
I really like the phone cases! For the first attempts, they are great, I guess. :D
Next time I'll make similar appliques, just a bit wider. I think, the bear and the rabbit look a bit long and thin, which seems strange.
EVE - Wall-E