Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

Felted Animals and some bla bla

Hello, yesterday and today I've used my Hamanaka Mascot Kit and tried to make the panda and the rabbit from the package picture. Similarity is unfortunately hard to find, maybe except at the colors and the hat which the panda is wearing. However, I really like the panda, but the rabbit is just weird, I think. The white parts become too strong. I want to make it more transparent, but I used too much of the white felt. Also the head form or the snout form look strange. The chest and the legs look strange too. I don't know, I don't like the whole animal. 
Fortunately I have some felt over, maybe I'll try the rabbit again, just smaller and maybe with other colors. I will see.

Samstag, 1. März 2014

I've Got My Hamanaka Kits

As you maybe have seen I've bought two Hamanaka Felting Kits some time ago, which I have got now. I've bought a Mascot Kit with wool and other parts, to make this cute panda and rabbit. I bought it, because I
thought it's good for learning, but now I'm pretty sure, that it is too hard for me. My animals will never look like the ones on the package. Also the instructions are in japanese and I'm not sure, how big I need to cut the colors. It's written in the instructions, but I don't understand it. I need to translate it in the next time. ^^
I've also got my Hamanaka Starter Kit which comes with an felting book, felting needles, a needle holder with two needles, a needle pad and some protectors for the pad. 
I'm so happy that I've got my package so fast. I love the kits, they're so lovely! (*o*)

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