Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

My First Felted Creations

Hiho, I've made new needle felted creations, but I'm not really happy with them. They look just terribly! It's strange that my first felted thing look better as the following. At the bear on the top right, I had big problems to add the eyes. I tried to poke holes for the eyes, but they become too small. For this I just used a embroidery needle, because I didn't had the right tools for this, but now I've bought a tool to make the holes easyer. However, because the holes become too small and thin, the eyes not fit perfectly and stand out slightly. I think, the mouth look also weird... it's too big and the hood becomes too flat. I also dislike the other bear. I don't like the mouth and the eyes. It looks so psychopathic or not? ^^
But beside these badly stuff, I've made a bracelett with hearts, which I really like. :)

Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

My First Materials For Felting

Good evening, I've got a big package with all the wool and the needles (also a needle holder for four needles) which I've ordered. I've also got some small plastic eyes, but they are really, really small. Now I need to make small animals I guess, or I need to misuse them as noses. I think, I need to buy some bigger eyes or I make some out of Fimo, but will they look good? :/
Unfortunately the Hamanaka Kits will come later. The shipping takes a bit longer anyway, but the seller seems to have problems with sending. It's okay, I do not need it urgently, but I'm still happy when I get it. Hopefully it won't get lost. I'm such a worried girl, but mainly I'm impatient. ;D

Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014

I Want To Learn Needle Felting!

Hello together, I've made some new mobile phone straps and I hope, you'll like them. :)

On saturday I've got a small,... well I'll call it "starter kit", from my mother in law. Since a long time I want to learn needle felting, but mostly I've spended all the money for clay and stuff, which I needed for making fake sweets and jewelry. I felted for the first time and at the first I wanted to felt a complete dog and the dog head from my logo, but unfortunately the felting needle brokes after some minutes into two halves, so I could just do a puppy head (see down below). I think for the first try it's okay, but of course I need some more practice.
Needle felting and modeling with clay are very similar, maybe this is why I didn't had big problems with it. It makes definitely great fun and I want to make some more felt stuff in the future. Now I need new needles and of course I picked me out some offers at Ebay. I bought a starter kit with wool in forty different colors + tree needles (coarse, medium and fine). Also I bought a Hamanaka Starter Felting Kit for beginners and a Hamanaka Mascot Kit. I'll show you all the stuff when it has arrived.

Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

How to make your own mold silicone putty

Mold puttys are often really expensive and sometimes hard to get, so I want to show you a cheap and great alternative. Here I show you, how you can make your own kneadable silicone putty for molding.

All you need is:
silicone caulk in your favorite color (you can get it from your local hardware store),
 cornstarch or baby powder,
latex gloves,
a small bowl and something to stir,
things you want to make a mold of (for example: cabochons, metal pieces and more),
if you want to color your putty, you'll also need acrylic paint.
EVE - Wall-E