Samstag, 7. September 2013

How to make a cute key cap from Polymer Clay

 You will need the following things:

a key,
Polymer Clay (white, yellow, brown, skin color and a color of your choise),
Liquid Polymer Clay,
acrylic paint,
a pencil, a knife, a scissor, toothpicks

modelling tools, chalk pastels, toothbrush, a eraser

Step 1: Take your key and a sheet of paper. Trace the silhouette of your key with a pencil so that you know, how big the end of the key is. Now you can draw and cut out your pattern.

 Step 2: Take some clay in white, yellow, brown and skin color and mix the colors together, so that you get a light yellow color.

 Step 3: Roll out your clay (but not too thin) and place your pattern on the clay. Cut out two pieces of the motif for the back and the front side.

 Step 4: With your finger or an modelling tool you can smooth out the edges, so that they look more plain. Now take a toothbrush and make a texture on the surface area.

 Step 5: Take  your key and place it on the first half. Then take the other half and place it over your key. Now smooth out the transitions on the sides with your finger or an modelling tool. Maybe you'll need to make a texture with your toothbrush again.

 Step 6: For the melon bun you will need a ball of clay with the color of your choise. I've used a pastell turquoise. 
Roll your clay into a ball and flatten it, so that it looks like a half ball. Take your toothbrush again and make a light texture on your bun. 
With a toothpick you can press thin marks in your clay. Make a diamond pattern. Now you can make a light texture in your indentations by doing rotating movements with your toothpick.

 Step 7: Add some chalk pastel colors, so that your motif looks baked. For that you should use light brown, orange and yellow colors. I have painted my key after the first baking with acrylic colors and a sponge. I have used a ochre color.

Glue the melon bun with some Liquid Clay on your motif. Take some brown clay and roll it into two long snakes for the arms. Make sure that one of the ends are thinner as the other side.
Place the arms with the thick side over the bun.

 Step 8: Take your Liquid Clay again and mix it with a bit of acrylic paint. You will need the colors brown, pink for the feets and the cheeks and you will need a really tiny bit of a white mixture for the reflections in the eyes.
With a toothpick you can pick up some of your brown colored Liquid Clay and put on some drops for the ears, the eyebrows, the eyes, the nose and the feets. Bake it for 5 minutes and then add some little pink drops for the feets and the cheeks. You can also add the white dots for the reflections in the eyes.
Now bake it according to instructions on your clay package.

After your key is baked and cooled down, you can glaze and decorating it.

Note: Before the first baking, you can make a hole into the head of the motif or you can add a eye pin, so that you can put the key on your key chain. You can also add a screw eye after baking.


  1. Total süß! Deine Arbeiten sind richtig detaliert, weiter so! :)

    Grüße, Kate

    1. Vielen lieben Dank, ich werde mich weiterhin bemühen. :)

  2. toller blog! Folge dir jetzt :)

  3. der schlüssel sieht witzig aus, tolle arbeit!

    1. Danke dir. Freut mich, dass er dir gefällt. :)

  4. Ich habe jetzt erstmal überlegt, ob ich auf Englisch oder Deutsch schreiben soll...wenn alle auf Deutsch schreiben, werd ichs auch mal machen.
    Ich finde deine Arbeiten alle wirklich total süß! ^__^
    Und so eine selbstgemachte Schlüsselkappe ist mal etwas ganz kreatives. Finde ich toll! Ich liebe so niedliche Sachen. hihi.

    1. Beides wäre okay gewesen. Englisch schreibe ich nur, damit mich auch Menschen aus dem Ausland verstehen können. ;)
      Vielen Dank! Es freut mich zu hören (oder eher zu lesen), dass dir meine Arbeiten gefallen. :3
      Damit stehst du nicht allein, denn auch ich liebe niedliche Sachen. (^_^)


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