Samstag, 28. September 2013

Handmade Squishies

Finally I got my new materials some days ago and I directly begun to make new stuff. I modeled a lot of new sweets and fruits, and out of many of them I've made some new accessoires, jewlrys and others. In the next time I show you a lot of new pictures. :)

Montag, 23. September 2013

I'm annoyed and waiting for a package ( --__--)

Hello together! :)
  Unfortunately I was not able to do many new things. I have just made some new Squishies, fruits and some storage boxes for my shelf, because my materials are running out and I had, until recently, small wounds on the hands, so I couldn't model.

Samstag, 7. September 2013

How to make a cute key cap from Polymer Clay

 You will need the following things:

a key,
Polymer Clay (white, yellow, brown, skin color and a color of your choise),
Liquid Polymer Clay,
acrylic paint,
a pencil, a knife, a scissor, toothpicks

modelling tools, chalk pastels, toothbrush, a eraser

Freitag, 6. September 2013

 Today I have to show you a lot of new things - mainly Squishies. I've made large amounts of Squishies in many different colors and forms. I've tried all molds that I have, but in the future I'll do everything in series. So it is just easier to make suitable decorations or to find ideas for decorations.
At first I want to make a lot of different donuts for bag charms and for note holders. Until now I've made donuts in the colors brown, green, pink, light yellow and donuts with halfs in different colors. The last ones I'll show you next time. Until then I also want to make donuts with rainbow colors and in purple, maybe in blue and red too. I will see. :)
After I finished my donut collection, I want to make other pastries like muffins and cruller donuts.
EVE - Wall-E