Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Small Craft Update

Here are some more dolls and charms I've made in the last time.
Gradually, I have not many keychains, mobile phone straps and chains. I need new Fimo too and next month I will order me some new blocks.
I have noticed, that I have alot of Fimo blocks I've never used, but I don't really know what I should do with the glitter and metallic colors. I've bought them because I like the colors, but I don't thought about if I need these colors or what I can do with them. Maybe I'll use them for shimmering or glittering dresses.

Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

Small Dolls

My previous dolls always become a bit too big and I think, they are even too big for necklaces. Pendants for necklaces can be a bit bigger, but it all depends on which pendant you will use. In my opinion especially dolls can look quick "too much" and cheap if they are too big, so I've made the last few days a lot of small dolls, which I find much nicer for both necklaces, as well for keychains and others.
It's hard work to make little dolls, but at the end the result is much better. I think it was good that I've been practicing on larger dolls, otherwise I could have done the little ones not so good.
Besides my dolls I try to find some good looking cake forms. In the future I want to make some
marble cake or something similar, but I've failed all the time. I need to practice.

In the next days I'll show you my other small dolls. :)

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

Different Doll Types #3

I was really diligent in the last few days and I've made some new dolls. Actually I want to finished my unfinished dolls, but I think I don't can make good looking dolls out of them. Maybe I will complete them when I find the motivation.
Well, so I've made these brand new dolls and I'm really happy with them. The faces are similar to the doll, which I have attached to a swing, but I didn't made the hole for the eyes. I think, I have found my own style. I like this type of dolls and I think I can make really good looking necklaces and keychains with them. I'm happy when my jewelry order comes. I will see, which necklaces I can make out of them.
The last days of course I've also made a cake and some donuts. I've also made a table. 
I thought, that I will try to make some little furniture for my pictures. So that they will look better. I must see if the building center in my near have some thin wood. Then I can make some cupboards if I do not fail. :)
EVE - Wall-E