Freitag, 31. August 2012

Different Doll Types #1

Several days ago I made some different dolls. I've been experimenting around with faces and bodies, I wanted simply make different dolls and Chibi types. I try somehow to get better and maybe I'll find while practicing, my very own doll style.
 I'm not good in making faces and hairs. I also failed often in wavy, ruffled dresses. But I don't have alot of experience with dolls or Chibis. I think I still need to learn a lot and find the right techniques.

The doll above I've finished yesterday, but my other dolls unfortunately not finished and I'll show you them another day.
The hairs are an complete fail. I tryed to take care of don't form them to smooth, but I was not concentrated for a moment and so the curls got a whole piece of chaos.
The waves of the dress are glued and not become good.
The nose is too big and I have attached too far below. Unfortunately, the mouth is a little lost and the face looks a bit strange.
Well, whatever. I need more practice! :)

Samstag, 25. August 2012

Some cakes

These are also a few cakes that I had lying around here for some time. Unfortunately, I was often too lazy to finish it, but now they're finally finished.
My brownie look more like a cake, or not? Maybe I have had make it thicker, but for the next time I know it.

The single piece of cake I've made to look, if I can do it well. For some time ago  I've made a lot of cakes, but I must throw them in the trash, because the varnish was too sticky, but the cakes were really bad looking. When I wanted to make some cake earrings, I will just make some single piece cakes and do not make complete cakes which I cut in pieces.

My strawberry cream cake don't look good and the sauce should be transparent, but I've failed. Well, I will soon try again to make a strawberry tart.

 From the small figures I wanted to make a pair of earrings. I do not know if you see it, but they should look a bit like Kirby, well. ^^

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Some Ugly Caramel Pastries

The last few days it was too hot to do anything with polymer clay, but I had some unfinished stuff and thought to myself that I wanted to finished it.
I was satisfied with my stuff, until I painted it. Unfortunately, I have used caramel instead of a brown color to paint because I thought, it might look good, but it does not! And it could also be, because the color is once again became too strong. I now have dyed so many times cookies and still I can not get it right. I am too impatient for this. ^ ^
Well, at least my sauces and decor has become quite well.

After that I'll make a few dolls and then I write subtitles for my videos on Youtube. I think it will still take a few days until I'm done.
I ordered a tripod on monday for my camera. I hope it comes soon. I always sit on hot coals when I've ordered something. I wish, my orders comes on the same day. ^ ^

Freitag, 17. August 2012

I can't make chocolate chip cookies

Yesterday evening I've made some new things and finally I could put my little Chibi on a swing on my tree. I think the swing is a little bit too high, but I've seen this after I already taped everything. But it is not bad, I think I won't change it. I've also made a few more buttons for my sewing stuff and I realized that I absolutely can not make chocolate chip cookies. I think my cookies are always too fat, but the most cookies are more flat. Soon I will try it again with another variant, maybe my cookies will look better.
The fact that my 2-D cupcake haves gone bad, I don't must even say, you can see it on the picture. The plate I don't like too. It is too thick and slightly deformed. ^ ^
My bread and the croissants are looking good, I think. So well, sometimes I will like my creations, sometimes not.

Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Mobile Phone Pouches and a Fimo-Tree

In the last days I was unfortunately a little bit lazy. Actually I wanted to finish my phone pouches at the last weekend, but somehow I just could not bring myself to make some small polymer clay pendants. This I have made unfortunately really fast ​​yesterday. I think, the pendants looks cute, but I don't like the mobile phone pouch. This is certainly due to the size, because the bag has become really huge and looks so empty. The pouch looks better as in the picture, but something is missing there. I do not know.
The gray phone bag is great. The seams look like I done something wrong, but I still practice. :) 

Then I've made a tree out of Fimo. As I have already said, I wanted to make a deco-den glass and for this I've made this tree. It is maybe a little bit big for deco-den, but that is not bad, because I wanted it that way. The whole thing should look like a little scene at the end.
The basic structure of the tree I've made from florist wire. You can make this of course with normal wire, but unfortunately I only had these thin floral wire at home. You should have seen my fingers, after the tree was finished. The wire has drilled all over into my fingers and my thumb hurt a lot. Well, now everything has been healed. : D
With the tree I am very satisfied. Actually I had planned to stick some Iceland moss on the tree, but nowhere can I find the moss. Regardless, he will stay naked. ^ ^

Donnerstag, 9. August 2012

My First Bags

Today I don't show you any polymer clay stuff, but I will show you some bags I've made.
The pink one I've sew some month ago. Originally it should be an mobile phone bag, but I've failed with the measure and the bag was a little too narrow, so that my phone don't fit in it. Actually I wanted to throw it in the trash, but then I thought to myself that I simply use it to stowage pens and scissors. I think it's actually quite practical.

The other bag I've sewed at Tuesday. I have planned a few months ago to sew such a bag, but so far I'd rather more fun to work with clay. But yesterday I wanted to sew and that was good for my felt, because it was for long time untouched.
 The pattern I've just made ​​really fast and it was fine, but with the implementation and with my sewing machine I had a lot of problems. My sewing machine has only the basic equipment and how I read in the instruction manual, you need an extra foot to sew neatly thick materials.
 Unfortunately I don't have such a foot and I have bought even the thickest felt that I've found. Only with the help of a ruler, I could squeeze the fabric under the foot of my sewing machine, but all sides of my felt slipped away and everything has become quite awry.
Well, I'll just have to see that I buy an extra foot, because I'm a big fan of thick felt.

 My mobile phone bags are not ready yet. When I come to it, I'll finish them tomorrow or at Saturday. Today I bought me some safety pins, so I can made some pendants for my pockets. :D

Dienstag, 7. August 2012

My First Chocolate Pastries

Some days ago I've tryed to made some chocolate donuts and a chocolate cream puff.
At the first I was really scared about to use brown acrylic paint, because I thought that the brown might be too strong and I thought how bad my normal cookies would look. Well yes, but as you can see I've tried it yet and I'm positively surprised. I did not think that I get the color so well. On some places the brown looks a little bit to strong, but I think it fits pretty well. It just looks "baked".
I don't know if they really look like chocolate pastries, but I think that they look great.

At the same day I've made a plate and a little bowl too. I think for the first try they don't look bad. I must say that I think it is more difficult to create plates as figures. No matter how carefully you grab them, the plates would not look perfect. So well, at the next time I will made some more plates and bowls, maybe I will try to make a little cup or so, I will see.

Later I will sew some mobilephone bags and a little purse. Unfortunatly I don't got any safety pins at the moment, so it might take some time until I can show you my finished bags. I wanted to make some pendants with the safety pins.

Sonntag, 5. August 2012

Animal Figures

Some days before I've showed you my little chibi which I would like to use for deco-den. I've thought about what I should make with her and I thought to myself that I don't wanna just sit her on a glass with some candys, I more would like to create a small scene and
a little dog too. I had a lot of fun to make little animals and I think in the future I will still make many other animal figures too.

After my dog was done, I built me quick a little bunny, with which I am not satisfied. At the beginning he looked like a pig with oversized ears, but as I painted him a face, you could what it is, but I'm still not happy with the bunny. First I wanted to use it for a deco-den idea but I probably won't, I think.
Then I made a bunny cookie, which is just failed. He is pretty much the ugliest thing I've made in the last time. Well, I no longer need to say a word about this thing.
Finally I've made a monkey macaron and I think, he looks great. He looks a little bit silly, but it fits him pretty well. ^^

The sheep and the pig I've made some time ago. I've forgotten the picture on my camera and found it just yesterday. The two were a give away, so I had forgotten them. I think the pig looks good, but I don't like the sheep. The most people have the same opinion like me. Anyone who has seen the sheep laughed or said that it don't look like a sheep. Well, yes. ^^

I've started to make some new donuts. I will show you them next time, when they are finished.

Freitag, 3. August 2012

Sugar Free Ice Cream

So, finally I've finished my ice cream cones and I think that they look a lot better then my first, which were just a disaster. ^^
I'm still not entirely happy with them, but for the next time I know what I done wrong - the question is whether I can transpose my ideas for solutions.
I've piped some cream in my cones and put a little ice scoop on the top, however I must stuck the balls pretty deep into the cream mass, because otherwise the scoops will fall off. The whole thing was very unstable and with deep stucking scoops I find the ice cream cones not so beautiful. Maybe I should take some smaller ice cream scoops for the next time, I think they will stuck safer in the acryl.

But oh well, in the whole I'm quite happy. :)

Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Some New Cookies

Yesterday I've made some new cookies and I'm happy with them. Meanwhile I'm better in painting my pastries, but the color is to yellow yet. At the next time I will mix some white under my ochre, maybe the color will not so dominanted then.

I have began to make some ice cream cones too, but I'm not ready yet. Maybe I will show you them on friday. Tomorrow I will fill my cones with some acryl and so I can just make my pictures at friday, because the mass must dry out before.
EVE - Wall-E