Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Stupid Cupcake Base

Since I already got a mold for the cupcake base but the bases don't look perfect yet. Either I'm too stupid to pop the clay out of my mold or it is because of the mold itself - however I think it's the first reason. Soon I will just try to dont't handle it so harsh and I will make some cupcake bases by myself. 
I'm really happy with the frostings. The creme on the right cupcake is a little marbled and this looks really cool, and I'm so happy that I've bought me some micropearls, which looks super on cupcakes.
With my tarte I'm satisfied, but I've forgotten to texture it, but it still looks good.
Then I've made a few little figures, from which I will make probably earrings. I think they look good - even if you do not really realize that the pink figures are present some octopuses, but oh well, I still think they are cute.

In the next days I will make a few cookies and maybe a few icecreams. I will see, maybe I will try to make some plates or so.

Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

My Second Chibi

In the last days I've made not alot of stuff but on Wednesday I was more or less diligent. I've made some deko stuff for my little pastries, however my black-white cookies become a little too big and I must cut them in the half so that they fit on my cakes. Maybe I will use them for deko-den.

At the same day I've handicrafted a little cake which I decorated with the new deko stuff. I don't know why but the most time my cakes looks really weird. I don't know with what I should decorate them. I should learn how to make better looking cakes.

On Wednesday too I've made a little chibi. Unfortunatly she's a little big, but that is not bad. At the first I wanted to make a little chibi charm but as I've seen that she is too big I've think that I will use her for deko-den.
I'm really proud about my doll because it is my second attempt I've made. The first one I've made in feburary but the chibi was looking bad. Unfortunatly I threw her in the trash, what I regret. I like it to look at my old stuff.
The next time I will really made a little chibi charm. I will see.

Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

New Items

Yesterday I've made some cookies and other pastries, because I wanted to learn how to paint them with acrylic paint. Until now I've used chalk pastels to paint my stuff, but I was unsatisfied with the results. Whether I applied the chalk with a brush or with a sponge, the results always looked very weird and I had often extreme color spots on my items. So I'm trying it with acrylic paints and this variant I like more - apart from that I need alot more practice.
At the first I mixed the colors ocher, some red and brown and then I used a sponge to paint my creations, but then I had a reddish stitch on my items, so after that I used just the ocher color, which looked a little better. At the next time I will mix the color again; maybe I 
 used to much of the red and brown.

As you can see, I need to practice at painting things a bit. I should look, that I more paint the edges and omit the rest, because the fact that I have painted almost the entire area, the items will look really yellow. Maybe everything will looked better at the next time.

Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

My First Entry

So, dies ist mein erster Eintrag und ich habe gerade keine Ahnung, womit ich Anfangen soll, also stelle ich mich einfach kurz mal vor: Ich bin Carrie und bin zweiundzwanzig Jahre alt.
Erst vor kurzem kam ich zum Nähen und zum Modellieren mit Polymer Clay - ich bin also noch ein richtiger Neuling auf diesen Gebieten. Wie es dazu kam? Nun ja, ich hatte einfach spontan das Verlangen danach zu Nähen - warum auch immer. Jedenfalls dauerte es nicht lange, bis ich mir eine Nähmaschine angeschafft habe. Neben dem Nähen wollte ich jedoch auch Schmuck und Anhänger für mein Nähzeug machen, denn ich dachte, dass diese Hobbys gut zu einander passen und ein paar selbstgemachte Accessoires meine Nähsachen aufpeppen würden.
EVE - Wall-E